Feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted?

Do you take care of everyone and everything before yourself?

Do you feel there's not enough time in your day to get everything done?

Do you want to get healthy and find “me” again after years of family and career? 

I help women who are overwhelmed, stressed out, exhausted and want to make life changes to get healthier and have the time and energy to live the life of their dreams. 

  • Ellen, super mom, wife, and nurse was overweight and recently diagnosed with diabetes.  She knew what to do but was struggling to make changes and make her own health a priority.
  • Andrea loved her job but needed to handle the stress of it and to find balance in her life. Something HAD to change.
  • Patti was a recent empty nester. After years of caring for others and working a full-time job, her health had suffered. She knew she needed to make changes to be healthy as well as “find me again”.

Through working with me in my coaching program,

  • Ellen made big changes. “There has been a big change in me, I am taking care of myself and people around me are seeing positive changes.”
  • Now Andrea is finding the best way to get the work done and still take care of herself. “If I didn’t have this I probably wouldn’t be at my job anymore. The skills I have learned in coaching have helped me stay and have helped me in all areas of my life.”
  • With a plan for self-care, Patti is now healthier and finding the creative, active part of herself again. “It is a feeling of relief; I am making a breakthrough for myself.” 

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